Ankle Straps for Cable Machines Ankle Straps for Cable Machines
Ankle Straps for Cable Machines from €15.00 €30.00
Ankle Straps  Add new dimensions to your lower body workout with these ankle straps. They are designed smartly to function with multiple exercises and equipment to provide you with the best results. The ankle straps are crafted out of durable material to withstand tough and challenging workouts like a pro. The neoprene material of the ankle straps consists of soft padding to provide additional comfort to your ankle while working out.  The ankle straps are equally effective for beginners and intermediates and offer enhanced portability. This compact gym accessory will easily fit in a small space and thus you can use it both at the gym and at home. Ankle Straps for Cable Machines, Glute Workouts, and Leg Workouts, and Leg Extensions. Neoprene Padded Support for Men and Women WORKOUT STRAPS FOR LOWER BODY MUSCLES: This ankle band helps you to target the lower body, lower leg, and glute muscles to get stronger and tight lower body muscles.  MULTIPURPOSE GYM STRAP: Use this resistance strap with Cable Machines, Weight Machines, Home Gym, and that works perfectly for Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Machine Workouts, and Glute Workouts.  ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: This ankle strap comes with a velcro strap to lose or tight the cuffs and is easy to put on your ankles to provide cuff support, saving you from ankle injuries.  D RING DESIGN: The ankle strap comes with a D-shaped metal Ring that is easily attachable with the cable machines and weight machines securing the closure during workouts.  100 % SATISFACTION: Our Ankle Straps come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Hassle-Free Returns.
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Black Weight Lifting Hook Straps (Pair) Black Weight Lifting Hook Straps (Pair)
Black Weight Lifting Hook Straps (Pair) €25.00 €30.00
Weight Lifting Hook Straps These Hand Grip Support Wrist Hooks  are suitable for Men and Women, they are 8 mm Thick Padded Neoprene and ideal for deadlifting, powerlifting, pull-up bar, lifts, and shrugs. These shook straps are extra strong and durable, giving extra confidence to the lifter. With extra strong steel hooks and extra think neoprene material., our hooks will easily withstand weights of over 270kg Excellent Material - Made with neoprene material, this pair of weight lifting straps will provide you with the desired level of comfort to easily carry out workouts like deadlifts, chin-ups, etc. It also comes with padding on the palm and rubber-coated hooks that give you greater control over your barbell and dumbbell.   We offer a lifetime warranty and no quibbles money-back guarantee for your satisfaction These hooks are 100% safe, for you and for the environment. Non-toxic, Lead, and PVC-free.
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Barbell Collar Sets (Pre Order for May 23rd) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Barbell Collar Sets (50mm) €15.00 €20.00
Barbell Collars Set (sold in pairs) If you regularly use a six-feet barbell for your workout then a barbell collar set is a must-have. This accessory acts like safety equipment that locks the weight on a barbell and prevents it from falling off. Our barbell collar set is durable and its levers provide a firm grip when the weight is lifted. Using this barbell collar set is very convenient as the quick-release lever assists in changing the weight plates without wasting any time. This set of collars is suited for a barbell bumper plate set and sports a sleek design. You can use them while performing numerous exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, etc. Quick Release Collar Clamps For Bars, Dumbells, Barbells Gym Equipment, Clamp, High-Grade ABS, Weightlifting, Gym, Fitness, Crossfit, etc. Available in Black color. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE (DIAMETER) OF YOUR BAR BEFORE ORDERING - MAKE SURE IT IS 50MM (2'') - Premium Quality Heavy Duty 50mm Clamps: All of our Barbell/ Dumbbell collars are made from only the highest quality ABS to ensure extreme durability and reliability! THEY WORK ON THREADED AND SMOOTH BARSPerfect For Crossfit, Weightlifting, and Power Training: Our 50mm bar clamp collars are able to withstand large amounts of both weight and movement without ever moving from their original position, this is important as many compound exercises require fast and powerful movements therefore the clamps being used on your bar need to be highly secure and reliable! For Securely Clamping Weights to 50mm (2'') Bars, Dumbbells & Barbells, Strong Grip and easy for Quick Release to Change Weights. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied with the clamp collars you receive simply send them back in their original packaging and we'll send you a no-questions-asked refund!
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Head Harness for Neck Strength Head Harness for Neck Strength
Head Harness for Neck Strength €25.00 €30.00
Head Harness Introducing our new high-quality neck harness at a fantastic price to supercharge your neck-building efforts. Suitable for injury rehab and strength building. This head harness is great for building neck strength. It is a favored training tool for those involved in contact sports such as boxing, rugby, wrestling, and martial arts.  Standard size! *With Extra Neck Support Strap** IMPROVED LONG TERM STABILITY – Traditional neck harness starts ripping and breaking down due to weight and use. However, our neck exerciser boasts an adjustable strap design, double stitching, heavy-duty steel chain with D-Rings to reduce stress, wear, and tear. Our neck harness WILL NOT BREAK even at heavier weights. Head Harness Features and Benefits Adjustable head harness for neck exercises INCREASE STRENGTH & TECHNIQUES –  Boxers, kickboxers, rugby players, and MMA enthusiasts will particularly benefit from using the harness to develop the strength of their necks. A strong neck helps against concussion and any unwanted knockouts. COMFORT FIT – Our neck strengthening strap boasts a secure, high-grade neoprene and a heavy-duty steel chain to give you premier comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights. Our head harness can hold more weight than your neck can manage: The weight is suspended by a carabiner on both sides and the harness itself is fully adjustable, courtesy of a fastening strap at the back. SUPPORTS INJURY RECOVERY: This multipurpose neck curl harness can also help increase neck strength and stability after suffering from a concussion, car accident, or other injuries where safer, progressive muscle building is important. LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We want you to be happy & satisfied, that's why we're offering you a full refund or replacement if for any reason you are not happy with our head harness.  Available for collection from Swords Co. Dublin or we can post nationwide with same/next day despatch. Order yours today! Buy Head Harness Now.
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Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair) Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair)
Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair) €15.00 €18.00
Heavy-duty Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair) Are you wanting effective wrist support to enhance your workouts and training? If you are someone who enjoys working with the weights and pushing your limits these are the premium wrist support straps for you. Our wrist straps allow you to reach your maximum potential by ensuring that you have the best equipment. These exceptional wrist straps are an item that any serious athlete needs to have and comes complete with a thumb loop for added comfort and grip. If you want to build strong arms but are afraid of a wrist injury and fatigue then weight lifting wrist supports are here to your rescue. This pair of wrist straps from Fitness Equipment Dublin will give you extra support and confidence to make your workout more productive. The weight-lifting wrist supports are easy to wear and can be adjusted as per the size of your wrist to fit comfortably. It features heavy-duty construction that makes the straps a long-lasting workout accessory for you. These one-size-fits-all straps are an ideal choice for weight lifting, powerlifting, and strength training too. This versatile training accessory can transform your workout for the better. Why use our heavy-duty Wrist Wraps? They provide much-needed wrist support and stability to your wrists when lifting weights They help to strengthen your wrists For added comfort and protection for your wrist flexors and extensors Who could benefit from our Wrist Wraps? Our wrist wraps are unisex and benefit men and womenAnyone doing weight training, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and Crossfit Colour: Black Features: Dimensions: 16" x 3" ( of which Velcro 4" x 2")Reinforced StitchingCommercial Grade VelcroThumb loopOne size fits all
Weight Lifting Belt Weight Lifting Belt
Weight Lifting Belt €25.00
Weight Lifting Belts Introducing our Weight Lifting Belts AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES – Suitable for both men and women this belt comes in 4 sizes SMALL (21″- 29″), MEDIUM (27″- 35″), LARGE(33″- 43″), and EXTRA LARGE (39″- 50″)Superior quality Belts with sturdy velcro wrap arounds to accomadate a wide range of waist sizes. Comfortable and durable for a great lifting experiences with confidence that your back is protected. Sizings: Small: Length:75cm (29,52 inches), expanding with velcro wrap around to fit waist: 55-75cm (21.65 inches to 29.52 inches)Medium: Length:80cm (31.49 inches), expanding with velcro wrap around to fit waist: 70-90cm (27.55 inches to 35.43 inches)Large: Length:90cm (35.43 inches), expanding with velcro wrap around to fit waist: 85-110cm (33.46 inches to 43.3 inches)XLarge: Length:100cm (39.37 inches), expanding with velcro wrap around to fit waist: 90-130cm (39.37 inches to 51.18 inches) TOP QUALITY CONSTRUCTION durable design means you won’t be looking for another belt for a long time. You will experience great abdominal and power back support. The belt is extremely comfortable – Not too hard and not too thick and no chapping or nipping your skin like other inferior beltsBUILD EXTRA MUSCLE AND SIZE – this belt will mean powerful results in your workout routines – Perform heavier sets of Back Squats, Power Cleans, Dead Lifts, Overhead Squats Clean, and Jerks so that your muscles are forced to grow, Features strong double-prong roller buckle and double loops to secure belt tab along double stitch edge and comfy suede-lined foam lumbar pad   Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked.   
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Ab Sling (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Ab Sling (Pair) €25.00 €30.00
Ab Slings/ Ab Straps Ab sling is a must-have gym accessory for all the fitness freaks out there. It is an easy-to-use accessory that helps you to work out each part of your abs efficiently. This pair of ab straps from fitness Equipment Dublin is a high-quality product that can assist you in performing various exercises. High-Quality Ab Slings for use with any standard pull-up bar to enhance your ab or core workout. The Ab Sling is can also be used for leg lifts and crunches off the floor. The product is strong and comfortable with built-in padding and high-quality stitching. Durable - Durability is one of the best features of this ab strap. It is made of high-quality material to withstand wear and tear over time. The ab sling strap also consists of foam padding to keep your arms comfortable during a workout. The metal clips add extra strength to the sling and make it capable of handling more weight. Versatile -These hanging ab straps make a versatile piece of equipment. It can be used to perform many different exercises like crunches, leg lifts, and leg twists. It helps to build muscle mass, strengthens the stomach muscles, and also provides excellent balance to hang. Lightweight & Portable - Unlike other types of equipment, hanging ab straps are lightweight and small. You can carry them to different places and use them whenever you want. The metal hooks add to the portability as they enable the straps to be used at home, gym, parks, and other places too. Easy to Use - Using the ab straps is simple as you only need to attach the strap with a clip to a pull-up bar. You then need to insert your arms in the open-loop and you are good to go. Get your hands on the best ab straps and pave your way towards a strong body.
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Figure 8 Weightlifting Strap freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Figure 8 Weightlifting Strap €20.00 €25.00
Figure 8 Lifting Straps Figure 8 Lifting Straps are the strap of choice for serious deadlifters, strongmen competitors, and powerlifters. Figure 8 Lifting Straps are a great training accessory to help improve your lifting technique and reduce grip fatigue.  If you want to push your ability to lift heavy weights then investing in TRX straps is a good idea. They are a wonderful training accessory that helps you to lift the bar better and reduce fatigue. High-Quality Material -These weight lifting straps are constructed with the best and high-quality material to last longer. The accessory has reinforced strong stitches that enable it to endure the weight. The material is gentle on the skin and keeps the user comfortable even while lifting heavyweights. Thoughtful Design -Since they are designed in the shape of number 8, these deadlift straps can be wrapped twice around your wrist. This exquisite design offers additional grip over a barbell and reduces the chances of the equipment slipping from the hands. Comfortable to wear and Easy-to-Use -The figure 8 lifting straps are made using material that makes you feel comfortable while performing difficult lifts too. Additionally, the strap has a simple and quick mechanism thus it is easy to use and put on the straps. Affordable - Fitness Equipment Dublin offers some of the best quality and affordable gym accessories that give you the much-needed aid while working out. Their weightlifting wrist wraps come at a reasonable price and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, if you want to master the technique of weightlifting then investing in TRX Straps Ireland is a must.    Lift securely and safely without the risk of the barbell slipping. Improve grip to build the confidence to go for that personal best! Colour: Black
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Barbell Neck Pad Barbell Neck Pad
Barbell Neck Pad €20.00 €25.00
Barbell Neck Pad The protective barbell pad is designed to protect your back, shoulders, and also hips depending on the exercise. Perfect for squats, calf raises, hip thrusts, and many more. Fits all standard-size bars.
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Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wraps - 18 Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wraps - 18
Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wraps - 18" (sold as pair) from €13.50
Weight Lifting Wrist Support Wraps All items are dispatched from our Dublin warehouse within 24 hours Introducing our 18'' Wrist Wraps Get The Full Body Workout At Home, Without The Need To Buy Expensive And Heavy Gym Equipment. Save yourself the stress and expense of going to the gym because now we have the way for you to get the same results as lifting heavy weights, right from your home without spending money and time going to the gym.  Professional grade Wrist support braces for men & women- strength training, weight lifting, powerlifting.Stabilize your wrists & lift more weightBest heavy-duty 18" wrist wrap (pair) Available in a choice of colors Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked. 
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Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Weight Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair) €18.00 €20.00
POWER PUNCH Weight Lifting Wrist Straps POWER PUNCH Weight Lifting Wrist Straps (Pair) for Weightlifting, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting. Soft Neoprene Padded Support for Max Grip Strength. 22” Cotton Straps for Men & Women. If you want to build strong arms but are afraid of a wrist injury and fatigue then weight lifting wrist supports are here to your rescue. This pair of wrist straps from Fitness Equipment Dublin will give you extra support and confidence to make your workout more productive. The weight-lifting wrist straps supports are easy to wear and can be adjusted as per the size of your wrist to fit comfortably. It features heavy-duty construction that makes the straps a long-lasting workout accessory for you. These one-size-fits-all straps are an ideal choice for weight lifting, powerlifting, and strength training too. This versatile training accessory can transform your workout for the better. LIFT MORE WEIGHT & STABILIZE YOUR WRISTS: These weight lifting straps give you ultimate wrist support with neoprene padding that puts less weight on your wrists during a workout.  EXTENDED LENGTH & LESS GRIP FATIGUE: This weight lifting wrist straps have 22 inches length provides a stronger wrap grip on the bar resulting in less grip fatigue  HEAVY-DUTY STITCHING: This deadlift strap comes with a heavy-duty stitching pattern that increases durability and prevents fraying apart  WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR WRIST STRENGTH: If yes, then use these thick premium cotton wrist wraps with super soft and comfortable neoprene to protect from digging into your wrists gives you ultimate protection during powerlifting & deadlifting.  SUITED FOR BOTH MEN OR WOMEN: One size fits all, a must-have gear for Powerlifting, Cross Fit, Deadlift, Bodybuilding, and weightlifting workout.
Weight Lifting Gloves freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Weight Lifting Gloves €15.00
Weight Lifting Gloves for Man/Woman Introducing New Weight Lifting Gloves. Say goodbye to torn hands and calluses with these gym gloves from Fitness Equipment Dublin. This pair of gloves is a must-have gym accessory to protect the hands and to perform weight lifting exercises efficiently and safely. Weight lifting gloves provide a good grip- Working out at the gym without a pair of good gloves increases the chances of the equipment slipping off as a result of sweaty hands. But these gym gloves are designed to absorb the sweat and enable you to hold the equipment with utmost comfort and solid grip. It reduces the chances of an injury due to the equipment falling on the legs or chest. A cushion that feels comfortable -These weight-lifting gloves consist of good padding to keep your hand comfortable while lifting heavyweights. Strong workout sessions can lead to hand pain. This is where the pull-up gloves come to the rescue as they are adaptable for performing a variety of movements. Weight lifting gloves with breathable Material- If you are looking for breathable weight lifting gloves then this pair is what you need. With the Fitness Equipment Dublin gloves, you can bid goodbye to sweaty hands because the gloves have a breathable pattern at the back for enhancing breathability. Perfect fitting- Ill-fitting gloves can do more harm than good and that is why these gloves come with a Velcro strap to adjust the fitting as per the requirement of the user. The easy-to-pull strap aids in quickly fitting the glove to suit the size of the hand. Advantages: Weight lifting gloves protect your fingers. Gloves provide a cushion to reduce hand pain Weight lifting Gloves decrease the risk of dropping weights Workout gloves decrease calluses  Colour: Grey/Black Size: One Size
Olympic Spring Collars (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Olympic Spring Collars (Pair) €10.00
Olympic Spring Collars Introducing 2″ Olympic spring collars for quick change and security of plates on Olympic bars. (Sold as pair) Olympic spring collars are used for standard weight training exercises for home gyms and health clubs. They are a popular choice for general weightlifting workouts due to their low cost, ease of use, and effectiveness to keep Olympic weight plates from moving during lifts on a rack. Spring collars are the best workout accessory to invest in when it comes to adding collars to your barbell. If you regularly lift the weight then this accessory will be a perfect add-on to your gym equipment. Long-Lasting- If you are looking for gym accessories that will endure the test of time then this pair of Olympic collars is the answer. Our weight bar collars are made with premium stainless steel material and thus, they last for several years to come. Makes Switching Plates Easy- These spring barbell collars are made with spring steel and hence you can easily squeeze them and secure them onto the Barbell. Our Olympic spring collars are convenient to load and unload from the bar. Loading and unloading the weights with them is also a breeze. Enhances the Safety- Our barbell collars keep the weight plates securely in one place. They reduce the risk of the weight plates shifting while you perform the lifts thus, enhancing your safety. Lightweight- With our weight bar collars, you don’t have to worry about any extra weight being added to your bar. They are lightweight and will not make up for any added weight to your workout equipment. If you are looking for reliable, long-lasting, yet weightless Olympic collars then this pair of spring collars will surely become your favorite.
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Knee Wraps - 2 metre (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Knee Wraps - 2 metre (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Knee Wraps - 2 metre (Pair) €20.00 €25.00
Power Punch Knee Wraps Heavy Duty Knee Wraps by Power Punch Protect your knees while performing tough exercises with the best knee wraps from Fitness Equipment Dublin. Premium Material - The material of these knee wraps for lifting is durable poly cotton elastic that makes it a solid performer. It offers a comfortable grip, is washable, soft, and flexible. Our knee wraps enhance the stability of the knees and provide excellent support. Comfort at its best - Our knee wraps for squats fit comfortably without slipping or falling off as they feature a velcro closure. You can adjust them for maximum comfort and perfect fit while performing exercises like squats, leg training, etc. Provides Protection - Our knee wraps are designed to protect your knees and prevent any serious injury while working out. They protect the knees against overexertion and keep them stress-free amid heavy exercises. Suitable for all Workouts - With the best knee wraps you can perform a variety of workouts like CrossFit training, strength training, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and so on. The benefit of our product is not limited to a particular exercise and this makes it a versatile accessory. Made of heavy-duty Poly-Cotton tough elastic. 2 Meters long and 3" wide, standard one size fits all. Provides cryotherapy and compression for the knee. Offer unrivaled protection and support for even the most grueling of heavy leg workouts. Super tight extreme rubber standard knee wraps designed for the ultimate rebound. Designed to grip the skin which eliminates the need for chalking the knees. Ideal cold pack therapy for optimum recovery of acute knee injuries. Excellent value for money.
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Safety Squat Bar Safety Squat Bar
Safety Squat Bar €180.00 €220.00
Olympic Safety Squat Bar  OLYMPIC BAR: This Olympic squat bar with a barbell squat pad is constructed from 30mm solid high-tensile steel which means it can handle any weight up to 1000 lbs. It’s must-have accessory equipment for every commercial or home gym. DIMENSIONS: Weight - 21kg/9.5lb Length: 2200mm/86.6in Diameter of Bends: 50mm/2in Diameter of Middle Area: 30mm/1.2in EASY TO USE AND STABLE: Hand grips allow you to control the bar during lifting and keep you in control. The comfortable pad is made of PVC and decorative chromium, equipped with premium steel construction, it is durable and designed for long-lasting use. This high-quality material ensures that your trap bar will last you a lifetime. TRAINING POWER: Our high-quality Safety Squat Olympic Bar, is designed to train your upper back, lower back, and leg. Its scientific design can protect you from hurting your neck, shoulder, and back during a workout Squat is efficient at growing muscles. Is a very effective way to burn more fat.  PRACTICE SQUATS: The design of the bar with the safety handles at the front means the bar is also a superb alternative for those with a history of wrist and shoulder injuries as a significant amount of pressure is alleviated from these joint angles. The design forces users to properly engage core musculature to maintain correct torso alignment. VERSATILE: Our safety squat bar is extremely versatile fitness equipment that, in addition to back squats, can also be used for Front Squats, Walking Lunges, Zercher Squats, Good Mornings & Box Squats
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Landmine Attachment Landmine Attachment
Landmine Attachment €65.00 €75.00
Landmine Attachment Landmine Attachment for use with Plate 2" Olympic Bars and Barbell T Bar Row, Landmine Insert t bar handle lock Attachment Plate Post * Steel Construction * 10" long pivot sleeve & 8.5" long base post is long enough to secure the straight bar and not to come out of the platform * This insert landmine fits 2" Olympic bar and 2" Hole Olympic weight plates * Flexible swing up and down. If your squat rack has a place to put an extra bar, the same input can hold this stand and it is space-saving also it works fine the normal way * Made of thick, heavy-duty solid steel for superior stability * Landmine fitness equipment, full-body workout system for total body workout: triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, hamstrings, and legs
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Thick Bar Grips Thick Bar Grips
Thick Bar Grips €25.00 €30.00
Thick Bar Grips Our Thick Bar Grips act as a training aid that can help support your workouts by widening the width of your grip, turning your bar into an Axel Bar (thick bar). They fit all Olympic bars as well as most dumbbells, pull-up bars, and cable attachments, – doubling the thickness for a greater test of arm and grip strength. They also make lifts harder, more challenging and ultimately push your grip strength to the limit. Thick Bar Grips are a popular way of improving grip and forearm strength and make a great addition to any lifter's gym bag. They are light and portable and fit easily into your bag. Specifications: Length: 4 inches Outside Diameter: 2 inches Weight: 300 g Inside Diameter: 1 inch **Sold in Pairs**
Fixed Barbell Straight Bars Fixed Barbell Straight Bars
Fixed Barbell Straight Bars from €70.00
Fixed barbell straight bars Available in 10kg, 15kg, 20kg These straight barbell bars offer a wide range of both upper and lower body exercises. The variation in weights is perfect for both home and studio/ gym use.  buy straight barbell bars  
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Fitness Gym Wall Mount freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Fitness Gym Wall Mount freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Fitness Gym Wall Mount €25.00 €30.00
Fitness Gym Wall Mount Introducing our Fitness Gym Wall Mount High-quality wall and ceiling mount for suspension strap systems, resistance bands, or battle ropes. Wall Mount measures 4.5 inches in diameter and can support a maximum working weight load of 200kg. Includes fitting instructions, 2 x wood lag bolts, and washers, and fixing plate. We recommend professional installation. If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to make your workout session an intense one then look no further than this gym ball wall mount. Made with high-grade material this wall mount is a solid one that can help you to build your muscles. Simple to use wall mount- Using our wall-mounted weight holder is simple and can be fixed either on concrete or a wooden surface. You can also choose to fix it on a wall or ceiling for training with suspension straps and other accessories. Compatible for numerous exercises-This wall mount gym equipment can be used to perform several exercises to build your arms, shoulders, and back. Fitness freaks can do a wide range of exercises and keep up their workout routine.  Versatile- Our wall-mounted weight holder is a versatile piece of equipment as you can use it for pull-ups, for suspending your punching bag, or even performing yoga. If building strength and muscles is your aim then this gym ball wall mount is exactly what you need. So don’t wait anymore and get your hands on this wonderful equipment. Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked.   
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Dipping Belt  - Black Dipping Belt  - Black
Dipping Belt - Black €25.00 €30.00
9FT SPORTS Dip Belt for Weight Lifting with Chain Gym Belt for Men and Women Weight Lifting Equipment - Workout Belt with Adjustable Pull Chain DIP BELT: Tool that can effectively engage the upper body and lower body muscles when enough exercises are selected for example weightlifting, bodybuilding, pullups, and general fitness WEIGHT LIFTING BELT: Increase full-body strength, improve muscular endurance and strengthen connective tissues. A dip belt works like a traditional weightlifting belt, wrapping around your lower torso. PREMIUM QUALITY: The Dip belt comes with a long 36” heavy duty steel chain that helps to improve stability and the workout belt allows you to increase the difficulty of bodyweight exercises to give you more strength. COLOUR: Lifting Weight available in Black color. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Each purchase of the Fitness Dip Belt with Chain comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
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Lat Pulldown Bar 36 inches Lat Pulldown Bar 36 inches
Lat Pulldown Bar 36 inches €39.00 €45.00
FEATURES: Length 36inch/92CM, Weight 8.6lbs/3.9kg, made of high-quality stainless steel, come with 360 degree swivel and carabiner clip, great for building your shoulders and upper back. ANTI-SLIP HANDLE: Made of environment friendly textured Rubber to provide ergonomic and firm grip during your regular routine, as well as to increase comfort and safety. MULTIPLE USES: Lat pull down bar connects not only to your home cable machine but pulley crossover and rowing machine. making whole variety of pulling motions possible. MUSCLES EXERCISE: The pull down attachments which can perform forehand pull-down and backhand pull-down movements to reach the position, especially for Biceps,Triceps,Latissimus Dorsi. 30 DAY RETURNS: If you encounter any problems during use or the product has any problems, please contact us for a no quibbles swap or refund.


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