Ankle Straps for Cable Machines Ankle Straps for Cable Machines
Ankle Straps for Cable Machines from €12.75 €30.00
FEATURES & BENEFITS: Add new dimensions to your lower body workout with these ankle straps. They are designed smartly to function with multiple exercises and equipment to provide you with the best results. The ankle straps are crafted out of durable material to withstand tough and challenging workouts like a pro. The neoprene material of the ankle straps consists of soft padding to provide additional comfort to your ankle while working out.  The ankle straps are equally effective for beginners and intermediates and offer enhanced portability. This compact gym accessory will easily fit in a small space and thus you can use it both at the gym and at home. Ankle Straps for Cable Machines, Glute Workouts, and Leg Workouts, and Leg Extensions. Neoprene Padded Support for Men and Women WORKOUT STRAPS FOR LOWER BODY MUSCLES: This ankle band helps you to target the lower body, lower leg, and glute muscles to get stronger and tight lower body muscles.  MULTIPURPOSE GYM STRAP: Use this resistance strap with Cable Machines, Weight Machines, Home Gym, and that works perfectly for Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Machine Workouts, and Glute Workouts.  ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: This ankle strap comes with a velcro strap to lose or tight the cuffs and is easy to put on your ankles to provide cuff support, saving you from ankle injuries.  D RING DESIGN: The ankle strap comes with a D-shaped metal Ring that is easily attachable with the cable machines and weight machines securing the closure during workouts.  Buy as a single or a pair. Comes with 12 month standard warranty.
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Triceps Rope Triceps Rope
Triceps Rope €24.99 €29.99
Triceps Rope Heavy Duty Tricep Rope 27 inches Pull Down Fitness Cable Attachment Machine Coated Nylon Rope 27-INCH HIGH-QUALITY NYLON BRAIDED ROPE: Constructed of heavy-duty black nylon braided rope with durable rubber stoppers. No Assembly required. UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Tricep Pulldown Rope comes with a heavy-duty chrome-plated attachment to attach to any universal gym system for multi-workouts. RUBBER ENDS TO AVOID SLIPPING: Designed with large rubber blocks at the end of the rope to increase the effectiveness in use & prevent slipping or sliding while practicing. MULTI-USAGE: Ideal to home gym exercise, lat machine, ab machine, cable crossover, or any pulley system to maximize your fitness ability. GREAT TO INCREASE TRICEP MUSCLES: Designed to develop your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs and improve your grip strength.
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Tricep Press Down Bar Tricep Press Down Bar
Tricep Press Down Bar €29.75 €39.00
The Our Triceps Press Down Barm V bar cable attachment is made of top-quality steel with high polished which can prevent the grip from corrosion and rust. Supports up to 400kg (880 lbs)Comfortable rubber grips provide support and stability. Perfect for row exercises to help train back, along with shoulders, forearms, triceps, and biceps. Helping you expand your range of exercises and maximize the effectiveness of workouts.Recommended for Home gyms, functional trainers, and other machines with weight stacks or plate load posts can use these bars and handles. 1 year standard warranty.  
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Lat Pulldown Bar 36 inches Lat Pulldown Bar 36 inches
Lat Pulldown Bar 36 inches €44.99 €49.99
FEATURES: Length 36inch/92CM, Weight 8.6lbs/3.9kg, made of high-quality stainless steel, come with 360 degree swivel and carabiner clip, great for building your shoulders and upper back. ANTI-SLIP HANDLE: Made of environment friendly textured Rubber to provide ergonomic and firm grip during your regular routine, as well as to increase comfort and safety. MULTIPLE USES: Lat pull down bar connects not only to your home cable machine but pulley crossover and rowing machine. making whole variety of pulling motions possible. MUSCLES EXERCISE: The pull down attachments which can perform forehand pull-down and backhand pull-down movements to reach the position, especially for Biceps,Triceps,Latissimus Dorsi.
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Lat Pulldown T-bar
Lat Pulldown T-bar €59.99 €75.00
Our Rubber-impregnated high quality solid steel Lat Pulldown T-bar, provides ergonomic and firm grip during your workout, as well as to increased comfort and safety.Ergonomic rubber hand-grips are knurled for greater comfort and safety,Expand your range of exercises and maximize the effectiveness of workouts!Effective attachment for muscles, enhance strength, improve fitness and body building with many bicep tricep exercises via the pull down Bar.Suitable for multiple workouts- Seated row exercises, pulldowns, press downs, kickbacks, crunches, bent over row, choppers, pushing, pulling, knee bending and more.Easily attach to any cable machines for gym, such as lat machine, cable machine, home gym system, support the traction up to 400kgSizing: 83cm long. 5cm thickness, 13mm hole to fit all commercial cable machines1 year standard warranty.
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Single Arm Cable Attachment Single Arm Cable Attachment
Single Arm Cable Attachment €21.25 €30.00
Our single arm cable attachment / D handle attachment is made of heavy-duty steel with high polished chrome finish and non-slip rubber handle. Ideal for row exercises and suitable for a home or commercial gym workout with non-slip handle.Perfect for developing your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs and improving your grip strength. D Handles give you great grip, allow you to move more weight, and help you perform each rep with beautiful formSize: 14.7cm, 12cm wide and 13mm hole to fit all commercial cable machinesRotational grip of ull 360 degrees makes the product compatible for angle turns or exercises needing an extra angle in addition to pushing exercises, assisting muscles around elbows, wrists, back, and shoulders
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Seated Row Handle Cable Attachment Seated Row Handle Cable Attachment
Seated Row Handle Cable Attachment €33.15 €45.00
This Seated Row Handle / Lat Pull Down Bar is made of  solid steel with a beautiful polished chrome finish & textured rubber coating handle to make it comfortable to useRecommended for performing pull-downs, triceps press-downs, upright rows, straight bar curls, seated rows, plus more.Features a 14mm hole making it compaible with all commercial cable systems. The textured rubber coating handle, provides ergonomic & secured grip during workout, provides a balanced force to both arms when attached to any gym machine.Perfect for building stronger triceps and grip strength, assisting muscles around back, abs and shoulders with different combination pushing exercises. Ideal for workouts at home and gym.Comes with 1 year standard warranty.


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