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Resistance Bands Set (12 Piece Set) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Resistance Bands Set (12 Piece Set) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Resistance Bands Set (12 Piece Set) €35.00 €40.00
Resistance Bands Set The Resistance Bands Set is the new must-have product that is uniquely designed to allow a huge range of different exercises for all muscle groups and is able to combine it with a wide range of resistance weight to suit your needs. Work out your back, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, abs, and legs to quickly and effectively get the results and body you want from the comfort of your own home.  ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT -The Resistance Bands Set  includes 5 straps of varying resistance, which allow you to combine them to get your desired resistance level - from 4.5 kg (10lbs) and up to 45kg (100 lbs), suitable for those just starting out or those who are experienced heavy lifters: Yellow - Ultralight (10 LBS)Green - Light (15 LBS)Red - Medium (20 LBS)Blue - Heavy Duty (25 LBS)Black - Overweight (30 LBS)   EASILY SETS UP - with the Door Anchor, handles, and ankle straps included, you can set up the Resistance Bands Set in less than 30 seconds. Just refer to your exercise sheet to set up the workout that you want.   GET THE RESULTS YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED - this resistance band set is ideal to build muscle mass, tone muscle, or burn body fat for that Summer look A FEW MINUTES A DAY IS ALL IT TAKES  - Have a busy lifestyle that prevents you from working out as much as you would like? This set is perfect to do a few repetitions of your favorite exercises whenever you can find a quick minute. With immediate setup just reach for your bands and perform a few reps while you wait for the kettle to boil or your computer to load! COMPACT AND PORTABLE - less than 500 grams - easy to carry and store WORK OUT AWAY FROM HOME - fold and store the set in the included carry bag and take it with you on holidays, business trips, or even keep it in the office! STRONG AND DURABLE - Our bands are made from 100% natural latex. Each band is double layered and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance. Package Includes: - 5 x Resistance bands  (10lbs to 25lbs)- 2 x Foam cushioned handles- 1 x Foam door anchor- 1 x Carry bag- 2 x Ankle straps - 1 x Exercise Sheet Check out Advantages of Resistance Bands Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked.   
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Adjustable Fitness Bench (Pre Order for April 9th) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Adjustable Fitness Bench (Pre Order for April 9th) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Adjustable Fitness Bench €160.00 €180.00
Adjustable Fitness Bench High-quality adjustable fitness bench. Ideal for Home Gym If the home gym is your dream then this home use adjustable weights bench can surely fit into your ideal gym set up at home. Folding weight bench- It is fully foldable equipment and hence is a great space saver.  Once you are done working out you can simply fold it away and store it without using too much space. Assists in the full-body workout- The weight bench comes with 7 block adjustment modes that help you to train in different ways. You can adjust the bench by inclining, declining, or even making it flat for the purpose of different exercises.   This adjustable weight bench allows you to perform a full-body workout and train your chest, shoulders, arms, back, abs, etc. High Quality & Durable- This exercise bench is very sturdy and durable when it comes to building quality.  Made with durable and high-quality steel it will be your workout companion for years to come. You can rest assured about your safety while working out as the training bench made by Fitness Equipment Dublin passes through the toughest weight and safety tests. The super-comfortable padding on the seat and backrest on the bench will give your back adequate support while performing various exercises. You can buy this weight lifting bench at a discounted price. It is versatile workout equipment that will aid you in achieving your fitness goals like no other. It will make working out at home the best experience for you. Check out the benefits of weight benches Specifications: Size is 135*35*110cm Weight is 11.8kgs 7 block adjustment Weight Capacity: 300kg
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6ft Olympic Barbell Bar 6ft Olympic Barbell Bar
6ft Olympic Barbell Bar - 15kg €140.00 €170.00
Olympic Barbell Bar - 6ft  Introducing our premium 6ft Olympic Barbell Bar - 15kg WE GOT YOUR BACK - We pride ourselves on offering you quality, durable, and affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Our Heavy Duty, Solid Chrome Steel Olympic Barbell bar is Compatible with 2 inches / 50mm Diameter Olympic Weights and comes with Textured Handle Grips for Greater Control. DESIGNED TO LAST FOR YEARS - Our barbell bar is constructed with durable chromed to protect and resist corrosion, a knurled anti-slip hand for a tight grip, and made of high-quality finish for great looks. An awesome choice for your own home or gym fit-out. A PERFECT EXERCISE GIFT - We all have that friend or family member that loves to stay fit and healthy, right? Then why hold back giving them such useful equipment to help them? They will surely love this Olympic Barbell, ideal for both home and commercial use. Recommended for squats, deadlifts, and many many more exercises.  WHAT'S INCLUDED -  6ft 15kg Olympic 2" 250kg rated bar and a pair of spring collars. Please make sure that you choose the right bar weight you need. Affordable and Quality is the best we offer! Compatible with 2 inches / 50mm Diameter Olympic Weights. Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your 6ft Olympic Barbell Bar - purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked.  This product is dispatched from Swords Co. Dublin with nationwide delivery and local pick-up options available at checkout. What are you waiting for? Order Yours Today! 
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Ez Curl Bar (with spring collars) (Pre Order for May 23rd) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Ez Curl Bar with Spring Collars - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Ez Curl Bar (with spring collars) €85.00 €100.00
Olympic EZ Curl Bar Perfect weightlifting Bar for home or gym use. Ideal for bicep curls, tricep extensions, and high raises. Ergonomic Handles - The handles of this curl bar weight are designed with curved and angled grips. This design gives you a better and natural grip for tricep extension, and pronated bicep. It also reduces the strain on the wrists and elbow. Perfect for building the upper body - Are you keen on building your upper body? If yes, then get your hands on this Ez curl bar to build and engage muscles in your arm, back, and shoulders. This EZ bar from Fitness Equipment Dublin can assist you in getting your dream psychique. Spring Collars included - Our barbell bar comes with 2 spring collars that help to secure the plates on the bar and prevent any accidents. You can carry on your workout peacefully without worrying about the weight plates shifting. Durable Material – This is the best Olympic bar that is constructed with high-quality and durable steel material. It will prove to be a valuable investment as the sturdy material will last for years to come.  Versatile - You have the freedom to perform several exercises with this EZ curl bar. This is the ultimate performance bar that assists you in performing functional cross-training, Olympic and powerlifting, etc. If you are looking for an EZ bar in Ireland to supplement your workout, this barbell bar from Fitness Equipment Dublin is best for you. Dimensions: Length: 1.2m Diameter: 50mm Comes with a pair of spring collars Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked.  Buy Ez Curl Bar Ireland Now 
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Ankle Straps for Cable Machines (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Ankle Straps for Cable Machines (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Ankle Straps for Cable Machines (Pair) €20.00 €25.00
Ankle Straps  Add new dimensions to your lower body workout with this pair of ankle straps. They are designed smartly to function with multiple exercises and equipment to provide you with the best results. The ankle straps are crafted out of durable material to withstand tough and challenging workouts like a pro. The neoprene material of the ankle straps consists of soft padding to provide additional comfort to your ankle while working out. It also features double-stitched nylon corners to add to its toughness and durability. The ankle straps are equally effective for beginners and intermediates and offer enhanced portability. This compact gym accessory will easily fit in a small space and thus you can use it both at the gym and at home. POWER PUNCH Ankle Straps for Cable Machines, Glute Workouts, and Leg Workouts, and Leg Extensions. Neoprene Padded Support for Men and Women WORKOUT STRAPS FOR LOWER BODY MUSCLES: This ankle band helps you to target the lower body, lower leg, and glute muscles to get stronger and tight lower body muscles.  MULTIPURPOSE GYM STRAP: Use this resistance strap with Cable Machines, Weight Machines, Home Gym, and that works perfectly for Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Machine Workouts, and Glute Workouts.  ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: This ankle strap comes with a velcro strap to lose or tight the cuffs and is easy to put on your ankles to provide cuff support, saving you from ankle injuries.  D RING DESIGN: The ankle strap comes with a D-shaped metal Ring that is easily attachable with the cable machines and weight machines securing the closure during workouts.  100 % SATISFACTION: The Power Punch Ankle Straps come with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Hassle-Free Returns.
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Hip Resistance Bands Hip Resistance Bands
Hip Resistance Bands - Set of 3 €20.00 €25.00
Hip Resistance Bands for Booty Why skip your workouts if the gym is not open or you just don’t have the time? Why our Power Punch Hip Resistance Bands Set is superior to similar products: Our fabric resistance bands are made of high-quality and breathable materials with the latest technology stretch cotton and built-in non-slip grips. Purple - Strong  - 40-50lbs (18-23kg) - Advanced Pink  - Medium - 25-35lbs (11-16kg) - Intermediate Green - Light - 14-25lbs (6-11kg) - Beginner The bands can also be referred to as Hip thruster loops. Thigh toning bands, Hip mobility bands, Glute activator bands, Squat bands, Deadlift bands, Physical therapy bands, or Hamstrings bands  Why should you choose hip resistance bands? FIND YOUR PERFECT RESISTANCE: Our workout resistance bands come in three sizes - S/M, M, and L/XL. From a glute activation warm-up to an intense full-body workout - our bands will bring out your best workouts yet. You’ll get just the right amount of tension in all your squats, hip thrusts, and lunges to get the most out of leg days. It’s time to get the booty of your dreams! SHAPE UP YOUR ENTIRE BODY: More than a butt band; shape up your body from head to toe and get that deep burn you love with our thick resistance bands. Tone your arms and shoulders, sculpt your back, and set your glutes on fire - The possibilities are endless and so are the results. NO SLIPS OR BREAKS: Fed up of squat bands rolling or snapping? Our non-slip loop bands stay in place from the first rep to the last - no matter how many squats you do. The rubber lining prevents the band from bunching up and rolling into skinny little tubes. The best bit? They won’t pinch your legs and ankles - your knees won’t go buckling either. Less adjusting, more squatting! GET RESULTS ANYWHERE: No gym, no problem. Our carry bag lets you take your glute resistance band on all your travels; get a killer glute pump anywhere, anytime. You won’t need mighty strong legs to use them; our bands are for beginners to athletes. Perfect for physical therapy or if you’re a personal trainer who wants the best for your clients. OUR BETTER BODY LIFETIME WARRANTY: Are you ready to get strong toned thighs and a perfect peach? Our hip resistance bands are here to stay with you for life. This is backed by our lifetime guarantee. If for any reason, you are not 110% thrilled, you will get a full refund, hassle-free! So click the “Add To Cart” now and take your workouts to the next level! Buy Resistance Bands Set  Collection and despatch options from Swords Co. Dublin. Order yours today!
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Massage Foam Roller - 33cm (Pre Order for May 23rd) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Massage Foam Roller - 33cm (Pre Order for May 23rd) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Massage Foam Roller - 33cm €20.00 €25.00
Massage Foam Roller Introducing our 33cm Foam Roller Save yourself the stress and expense of going to the gym because now we have the way for you to get the same results as lifting heavy weights, right from your home without spending money and time going to the gym. State-of-the-art design - revolutionary ridges permit a precise message to targeted muscle groups. Perfect for pain-relieving trigger point therapy and deep muscle fascia work. Rugged construction - made to stand up to constant and repeated use. As Featured in Men's Health UK - Jan/Feb 2016 Edition Many people underestimate the value of using a simple foam massage roller. It seems like a deceptively simple and uninteresting item. In reality, though, it is a vital piece of equipment that, though uncomfortable and inconvenient to use, produces amazing results. Using a foam massage roller brings about a number of vital benefits. Think of it as - quite literally - giving yourself a deep tissue massage without having to pay a masseuse or physiotherapist. Spending ten minutes with the foam roller will yield results similar to a quick body massage, and doing it every day amounts to seventy minutes of massage therapy for your muscles per week. When you just start working out, or if you constantly push yourself to do better, your muscles tend to take a beating every time you do your workout. Spending some time using the foam roller will have a substantial on your sore muscles (or in this case, not-so-sore muscles) the next morning when you wake up. This, in turn, makes it easier to get yourself into the next workout without having to work through the pain first - not to mention the discomfort you would normally experience from the time you get up.  Ideally, you should do foam rolling both before and after your workout. Using the foam roller beforehand will stimulate blood flow to the muscles you target, which in turn will increase oxygen delivery to the muscles you target. It can also serve as a warm-up to your tight muscles, which in turn will allow for more flexibility in your movements.   Doing foam rolling after your workout will help your muscles to recover from the strain you put them through, which - especially if you do your workout at the start of your day - will reduce the probability of muscle stiffness while you go about your day later on. Keep in mind that your pre-workout foam rolling needs to be gentle, especially if you use it instead of actual warm-up exercises. Lastly, when it comes to using the massage roller, remember there is no "one size fits all" way to do it. The amount of pressure needed to loosen tight muscles will differ from one person to the next, depending on various factors. Unless you have access to someone with knowledge who can guide you through it, you will have to experiment to find what foam roller users refer to as "the sweet spot" (just the right combination of pressure and duration).  Overdoing it can do harm to your muscles, both pre-and post-workout. Keep in mind that, before your workout, your muscles are "cold" (unless you did warm-up exercises beforehand), and afterward your muscles are tender - so they can only endure so much of a deep tissue massage.   Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked. 
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Weight Lifting Hook Straps (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Weight Lifting Hook Straps (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Weight Lifting Hook Straps (Pair) €20.00 €25.00
Weight Lifting Hook Straps Power Punch Hand Grip Support Wrist Straps are suitable for Men and Women, they are 8 mm Thick Padded Neoprene and ideal for deadlifting, powerlifting, pull-up bar, lifts, and shrugs. These shook straps are extra strong and durable, giving extra confidence to the lifter. With extra strong steel hooks and extra think neoprene material.,our hooks will easily withstand weights of over 270kg Gift yourself the comfort of weightlifting with our TRX straps. This pair of training gloves with a hook will give a power boost to your workout session. Excellent Material - Made with neoprene material, this pair of weight lifting straps will provide you with the desired level of comfort to easily carry out workouts like deadlifts, chin-ups, etc. It also comes with padding on the palm and rubber-coated hooks that give you greater control over your barbell and dumbbell. Adjustable -The suspension training straps are fully adjustable and can fit varying wrist sizes with ease. With the help of the velcro straps, you can adjust its size to fit your wrist perfectly. Offers Strong Grip - These TRX straps have a unique palm design to improve your grip and enhance comfort while weightlifting, cross-training, etc. Lift more weight - The hooks at the end of the suspension training straps act like an extension of your body. It assists you in lifting more weight without straining your wrists. If you are keen on improving your weightlifting abilities then these weight lifting straps are a great investment. We offer a lifetime warranty and no quibbles money-back guarantee for your satisfaction These hooks are 100% safe, for you and for the environment. Non-toxic, Lead, and PVC-free.
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Barbell Collar Sets (Pre Order for May 23rd) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Barbell Collar Sets (50mm) €15.00 €20.00
Barbell Collars Set (sold in pairs) If you regularly use a six-feet barbell for your workout then a barbell collar set is a must-have. This accessory acts like safety equipment that locks the weight on a barbell and prevents it from falling off. Our barbell collar set is durable and its levers provide a firm grip when the weight is lifted. Using this barbell collar set is very convenient as the quick-release lever assists in changing the weight plates without wasting any time. This set of collars is suited for a barbell bumper plate set and sports a sleek design. You can use them while performing numerous exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, etc. Quick Release Collar Clamps For Bars, Dumbells, Barbells Gym Equipment, Clamp, High-Grade ABS, Weightlifting, Gym, Fitness, Crossfit, etc. Available in Black color. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE (DIAMETER) OF YOUR BAR BEFORE ORDERING - MAKE SURE IT IS 50MM (2'') - Premium Quality Heavy Duty 50mm Clamps: All of our Barbell/ Dumbbell collars are made from only the highest quality ABS to ensure extreme durability and reliability! THEY WORK ON THREADED AND SMOOTH BARSPerfect For Crossfit, Weightlifting, and Power Training: Our 50mm bar clamp collars are able to withstand large amounts of both weight and movement without ever moving from their original position, this is important as many compound exercises require fast and powerful movements therefore the clamps being used on your bar need to be highly secure and reliable! For Securely Clamping Weights to 50mm (2'') Bars, Dumbbells & Barbells, Strong Grip and easy for Quick Release to Change Weights. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied with the clamp collars you receive simply send them back in their original packaging and we'll send you a no-questions-asked refund!
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Parallel Dip Bars Parallel Dip Bars
Parallel Dip Bars, Bars for Pull Ups and Dips €70.00 €90.00
Parallel Dip Bars, Gymnastic Bars For Dipping, Dip Station for Pull-Ups, Parallel Bars, Parallettes, Great for Push-Ups and Strength Training HIGH-QUALITY DIPPING STAND - The Peak Fitness Dip Bar is tested to support up to 180kg / 28 stone of body weightLIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - These dip bars are Perfect for home and commercial gyms, great for CrossFit, judo, fat loss, building muscle, and toning.ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - 2 settings available 77cm up to 87cm, suitable for people of all heightsHEAVY-DUTY - Powder coated frame and polyurethane grip padded handles and rubber nonslip feet, very stable, allows for rock sold dipsFULL GUARANTEE - 2 Year Warranty and no quibble returns policy - So absolutely no risk to you. If you are not happy with the product for any reason just send it back within 30 days. MULTIPLE USE & PORTABLE: These bars can be used for gym training, pull push-ups, dips, V-sitting, folding, tuck, planche, handstand push-ups, and ab workouts. You can use them to exercise your full body at home, gym, garden, and park. FULL BODY WORKOUT: The dip bars are perfect for full-body bodyweight resistance exercises such as dips, push and pull-ups, L-sits, knee, and leg raises, stretches for working out your arms, abs, chest, shoulders, and back.  Specifications:Material: Carbon steelSize: 80*64*37.5 cmWeight: 10.5 kgColour: Yellow   Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your parallel dip bars we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked.    So what are you waiting for? Orders yours today! We offer same on next day despatch for easy delivery nationwide. 
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Head Harness freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Head Harness freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Head Harness for Neck Strength €25.00 €30.00
Head Harness Introducing our new high-quality neck harness by Power Punch at a fantastic price to supercharge your neck-building efforts. Suitable for injury rehab and strength building. This head harness is great for building neck strength. It is a favored training tool for those involved in contact sports such as boxing, rugby, wrestling, and martial arts.  Standard size! *With Extra Neck Support Strap** IMPROVED LONG TERM STABILITY – Traditional neck harness starts ripping and breaking down due to weight and use. However, our neck exerciser boasts an adjustable strap design, double stitching, heavy-duty steel chain with D-Rings to reduce stress, wear, and tear. Our neck harness WILL NOT BREAK even at heavier weights. Head Harness Features and Benefits Adjustable head harness for neck exercises INCREASE STRENGTH & TECHNIQUES –  Boxers, kickboxers, rugby players, and MMA enthusiasts will particularly benefit from using the harness to develop the strength of their necks. A strong neck helps against concussion and any unwanted knockouts.   COMFORT FIT – Our neck strengthening strap boasts a secure, high-grade neoprene and a heavy-duty steel chain to give you premier comfort and stability, while also properly securing weights. Our head harness can hold more weight than your neck can manage: The weight is suspended by a carabiner on both sides and the harness itself is fully adjustable, courtesy of a fastening strap at the back. SUPPORTS INJURY RECOVERY: This multipurpose neck curl harness can also help increase neck strength and stability after suffering from a concussion, car accident, or other injuries where safer, progressive muscle building is important. LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We want you to be happy & satisfied, that's why we're offering you a full refund or replacement if for any reason you are not happy with our head harness.  Available for collection from Swords Co. Dublin or we can post nationwide with same/next day despatch. Order yours today! Buy Head Harness Now.
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Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair) €15.00 €18.00
Heavy-duty Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps (Pair) Are you wanting effective wrist support to enhance your workouts and training? If you are someone who enjoys working with the weights and pushing your limits these are the premium wrist support straps for you. Our wrist straps allow you to reach your maximum potential by ensuring that you have the best equipment. These exceptional wrist straps are an item that any serious athlete needs to have and comes complete with a thumb loop for added comfort and grip. If you want to build strong arms but are afraid of a wrist injury and fatigue then weight lifting wrist supports are here to your rescue. This pair of wrist straps from Fitness Equipment Dublin will give you extra support and confidence to make your workout more productive. The weight-lifting wrist supports are easy to wear and can be adjusted as per the size of your wrist to fit comfortably. It features heavy-duty construction that makes the straps a long-lasting workout accessory for you. These one-size-fits-all straps are an ideal choice for weight lifting, powerlifting, and strength training too. This versatile training accessory can transform your workout for the better. Why use our heavy-duty Wrist Wraps? They provide much-needed wrist support and stability to your wrists when lifting weightsThey help to strengthen your wristsFor added comfort and protection for your wrist flexors and extensors Who could benefit from our Wrist Wraps? Our wrist wraps are unisex and benefit men and womenAnyone doing weight training, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and Crossfit Colour: Red/Black Features: Dimensions: 16" x 3" (Velcro 4" x 2")Reinforced StitchingCommercial Grade VelcroThumb loopOne size fits all
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Pull Up Bar - Fitness Equipment Dublin Pull Up Bar - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Pull Up Bar €69.00 €99.00
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Introducing our new Pull Up Bar - Wall Mount Chin Up Bar, Dip Bar, Strong and Durable HIGH-QUALITY ENGINEERING: This door-mounted pull-up bar is here to stay with you for years to come thanks to the high-quality material used in making it. Made of Heavy-duty steel with high-density foam grips and upgrade screw, strengthened beams, and triangular support structure, providing you extra safety and comfort. Safe to use up to 250kg.  MULTI-FUNCTION EXERCISE BAR: Ultimate body sculpting and strength-building tool that helps shape the upper body and tones your midsection. It can be used for various grips of chin-ups, also included hooks for punch bags, power ropes, TRX straps, etc. MORE EXERCISE SPACE: If you're looking for a step up from the ordinary doorway pull-up bars, wall-mounted pull-up bars are the next best choice. Unlike doorway pull-up bars, your movements aren't restricted by the door frame and this offers you a more permanent and stable structure. SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE: Great workout whether you are a beginner or advanced! Enjoy a full-body workout to achieve your fitness targets easily and efficiently. 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Our Multi-use wall mount pull-up bar offers a 2-year warranty and lifetime service. Please rest assured to purchase and feel free to contact us if you have any issues. Check out  7 Awesome Benefits of Daily Pull-Ups Specifications: WEIGHT: 6kg MAX LOAD: 250kg PRODUCT SIZE: 92*51*18cm THICKNESS: 40*40*1.8MM+32*1.8MM Easy 30 Day ReturnsWe are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your pull-up bar we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!
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Resistance Power Band - 13mm (Red) (Pre Order for May 23rd) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin
Resistance Power Band - 13mm (Red) €10.00 €12.00
Resistance Power Band  Introducing our Light Resistance Band - Red 13mm Power bands are used to increase the resistance and intensity of exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Power bands can be used for a number of purposes. Power bands are commonly used for strength, power training, and speed Other benefits of Power Bands are: Adaptable to all fitness levels (Beginner, Rehabilitation & Experienced) Ideal for assisted pull-ups, stretching, and lower leg exercises Increase muscular endurance and coordination Applicable for use with or without weights Durable & Robust Specification:RED - Light (15-35lb) Size: 208*1.3*0.45CM Features:PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABLE Made of high-quality latex, the resistance band is eco-friendly and durable. It will not break, snap or roll when doing exercise. They can stay strong and retain elasticity even after repeated stretching, avoiding injury from sudden snaps.  VERSATILE & PORTABLE  Improve your strength, mobility, or injury rehabilitation. Help you with pull-ups, weightlifting, or body toning workouts at home, hotel, office, or gym. With this red power band, you can target several muscles in your body like the arms, chest, back, legs, etc. Performing exercises with this resistance band can help you to achieve your dream body without spending a fortune. PERFECT FOR ALL FITNESS PROGRAMS Our workout band can help you with your assisted pull-ups, dips, or muscle-ups. ideal for all fitness regimes from Yoga, pilates, powerlifting, and CrossFit. Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked. 
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NBR Yoga Mat with Carry Strap (Black) (Pre Order for May 23rd) freeshipping - Fitness Equipment Dublin NBR Yoga Mat with Carry Strap
NBR Yoga Mat with Carry Strap €22.00 €27.00
Introducing our NBR Yoga Mat with Carry Straps Dimensions: 180cm long x 60cm wide x 10mm thick Available in Black or Purple This premium quality exercise mat is manufactured using Nitrile rubber (NBR), highly resilient and superelastic material with the ability to withstand your body weight without tearing it apart. Highly durable for a routine workout. Non-Slip Gym mat- Non-slip grip texture helps it adhere to the wooden floors, tiles, carpet, grass, and other surfaces. Suitable for different workout postures while maintaining perfect balance both indoors and outdoors Comfortable and injury safe- High density and extra-thick 10 mm deep offering comfort and injury protection with optimal padding for cushion between you and the floor. Perfect for all yoga styles, aerobics, pregnancy exercises, and gymnastics for children Durable for Long term use- Well looked after fitness mats last more than 1 year. NBR material is also oil and water-resistant, free from latex, and non-toxic which makes it ideal for continuous long term use Lightweight, washable, portable, and eco-friendly - Easy to fold and transport as it is lightweight and comes with a double strap carry bag. Clean it using a damp cloth with a small amount of soap and water to make it fresh and new like before   Easy 30 Day Returns We are 100% committed to you our customers and want to ensure a happy experience of our products. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we offer EASY 30 DAYS RETURNS with a FULL REFUND, with no questions asked. 


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