Premium Suspension Trainer

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Introducing our high-quality suspension trainer, which comes with a door attachment and extender loop to attach to a bar or beam.

Get The Full Body Workout At Home, Without The Need To Buy Expensive And Heavy Gym Equipment.

Save yourself the stress and expense of going to the gym because now we have the way for you to get the same results as lifting heavy weights, right from your home without spending money and time going to the gym. 

Start your new fitness experience on our website - and order yours now.

This Suspension system is a high-quality, strong, durable, and robust trainer.

Ideal for all types of athletes from yoga, pilates, to core workouts for bodybuilders and MMA enthusiasts.

Our suspension belt is a great way to build your core strength or to perform resistance movements on practically all muscles using just your own body weight.

The TRX suspension trainer concept was the brainchild of a USA Navy Seal. As a member of an elite military unit, his body had to be in peak physical condition at all times. Unfortunately, there were often times when they didn't have access to gym facilities - such as when they were moving from one base to another or waiting for mission orders to come through. 

 As such, it was designed around a specific set of requirements - yet it turned out to be useful for much more than originally intended. It had to be a workout system that leverages nothing but your body weight, yet allowed you to challenge yourself at each exercise.

The TRX suspension trainer was created to be small and light so it wouldn't be an issue to take it along when traveling. It had to be a “set up anywhere” gym, without requiring access to any special tools or drilling holes. On top of that, it needed to provide a full-body workout in a relatively short space of time.

 As such, the TRX suspension trainer is a system that leverages gravity, using your own body weight and body position to create resistance against your desired movement. You can easily adjust the intensity of the exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

 The position you assume can make it more (or less) difficult or strenuous, which means it benefits people of all fitness levels – from pro athletes to seniors. Even if you are completely unfit, or recovering from an operation or injury, you can start off with positioning that is less strenuous, and build up to where you want to be.

While the suspension training concept was originally developed purely to build strength (and maintain it), it eventually developed into something much more. You can perform hundreds of exercises and positions which allow you to work on any of the muscle groups in your body, yet there are other benefits as well.

 Working out with resistance bands has proven to help with flexibility too, due to how you have to move from one position to the next. In addition to that, the way the exercises are set up, helps to improve your balance and coordination too.

There is simply no other piece of fitness equipment that allows you to achieve so much while being so compact and lightweight - or at that price point. The TRX trainer is the original anywhere gym – home, hotel, or wherever you need it.

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