Top 18 Frequently Asked Questions about Kettlebells Training

Top 18 Frequently Asked Questions about Kettlebells Training

Kettlebells workout is solid weight-training and bodybuilding exercise equipment. There are multiple movement patterns with kettlebells giving different results. Therefore, you need to know the techniques well before using them. You must ensure that it caters to your needs well. Here we will discuss some of the questions that can help any beginners and give a clear idea of Kettlebell. So, if you are planning to buy it, these questions can guide you.


  1. Why should I use kettlebells for workout?

Kettlebell training plays a very important role in improving cardio-vascular fitness. It also helps in creating fluid movements through their swinging action. Training with Kettlebells helps to bridge the gap between cardio and strength training. It, therefore, reduces the overall workout exercise time. Kettlebells require a very less amount of space for storage; therefore, they are ideal equipment for small training facilities.

  1. How is kettlebells different from other equipment?

The handle that is possessed by a Kettlebell is thicker than that of a Dumbbell. It helps in increasing the grip strength resulting in a very strong arm. Moreover, it involves a full body workout which is more effective.

  1. Which kettlebells are ideal for training?

Choosing the right sized Kettlebell is of utmost importance in order to avoid injuries and make most out of the workout. For a beginner having no experience in weight-lifting, it is suggested to start from the beginner level to understand and implement proper mechanics used in training with Kettlebells. Buy 16kg kettlebell for starting off your workouts.

  1. What does a training routine for beginners look like?

The following exercises must be completed as a circuit in order to build strength as well as burn fat.

  • Two-Handed Swing x 10 reps
  • Rest x 30 seconds
  • Repeat 3 – 10 rounds
  1. Where to start?

Kettlebells are indeed a very good way of adding a variety in a workout routine. It challenges the muscles in a number of ways which results in building muscle strength. It is suggested that one must master the Kettlebell swing which is a full body exercise and will deliver instant results.

  1. How frequent should I work out?

Initially, three 20 minute workouts would be sufficient for beginners. Frequency and intensity may be increased gradually with time.

  1. Can I use kettlebell every day?

Kettlebell training indeed is considered very intense as most of the exercises use muscles of the whole body. Therefore, it is suggested that the workout should be kept short with often repetition. Extended workouts may lead to injuries specifically for beginners.

  1. Can I lose weight through kettlebell workouts?

Working out with kettlebell involves usage of up to 600 muscles at a time. Therefore, it is considered very intense. It helps in raising the metabolic rate and burning calories resulting in weight loss.

  1. Can I gain muscle through kettlebell workouts?

With a proper diet plan and consistent workouts, Kettlebells can be useful equipment in building muscle. However, working out with kettlebell involves full-body movement that is not considered ideal in order to build individual muscles. For body-building, dumbbells would be a better option.

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  1. What number of kettlebell swings should be done?

For beginners, it is suggested to start with 10 reps before repeating and resting.

  1. How many kettlebell sets should be done?

Initially, it is suggested to start off with 3-5 sets of 10 reps. It can gradually be increased over time.

  1. Can I replace dumbbells with kettlebells?

Using kettlebells are ideal for full body training as working out with kettlebells encourages full body movement. However, if one wants to focus on a particular muscle, it is suggested to train with dumbbells.

  1. Can kettlebells cause injury?

If used correctly, then kettlebells do not cause injury. However, if the swings aren’t done correctly and the movements aren’t watched they might cause damage. Injuries can also be caused if too much weight is lifted.

  1. Do kettlebells get you ripped?

To get the ripped look, diet should be prioritized. After your diet plan has been made, full-body workouts will definitely help to get ripped.

  1. Are kettlebell workouts ideal for reducing belly fat?

Short workouts with 16 kg kettlebell are ideal for reducing belly fat. It will help in increasing metabolism. Also it will tone the body up and burn calories

  1. Where do I buy kettlebells from?

Beginners should preferably start with cast iron and vinyl kettlebells. 16 kg kettlebells would be considered ideal. Good quality kettlebells for sale Dublin, you may purchase them and start your workouts right away!

  1. Are kettlebells effective?

Kettlebells help in improving the overall flexibility of body. It also helps in pumping the heart rate. Therefore, Kettlebells are considered very effective for building muscle strength as they help in stimulating the muscles and also suffice the cardio exercises without even actually doing cardio exercises.

  1. Why is my back and Knees hurting post workout?

In case your knees or back hurt after you work-out, possibly, the reason behind is that you’re not doing the technique in a proper manner. You may overcome this by practicing loaded squats.


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