Cast Iron Coated 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg Kettlebell

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Best Kettlebells For Home

Introducing our Cast Iron Kettlebells which are fantastic for home workouts, with which you can perform a wide range of resistance-training exercises.
Made of solid high-quality cast iron for reliable built-to-last strength
Painted surface for increased durability and corrosion protection
A textured wide handle helps ensure a comfortable, secure grip; hold with one hand or two.

Available in 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg sizes

8kg Kettlebells  - €28
10kg Kettlebells  - €35
12kg Kettlebells  - €42
16kg Kettlebells  - €56
20kg Kettlebells - €70

When it comes to using kettlebells, weight is not all it's about. Consider this: When you do exercises with dumbbells or barbells, the center of weight is in your hand. In addition to that, consider how these exercises are done, and how they relate to real-life demands placed on your muscles.
In real life, you often carry a heavy bag that keeps moving around of its own accord. A parent often has to take a pram out of a car boot with one hand.

When looking at situations like these, kettlebell lifting makes a lot more sense. A kettlebell weight has an odd shape (they were originally designed as measuring counter-weights for grain in Russia), which means that when you lift them, the weight can pull into directions not experienced when working out with other home gyms weights.

Fair enough, you can use your kettlebells for doing squats and lunges, but during many other movements, you will find the weight pulling to one side, placing additional pressure on your wrists and forearms. While you are holding on to the handgrips, the angle and direction of your movement will determine the resulting reaction - and the resulting required exertion - by the cast iron kettlebell.

As such, kettlebells are perfect for developing "real world strength".

While some people prefer to simply use medicine balls, those don't give you the additional pressure on your wrists and forearms that you would experience from kettlebell lifting. While they do have their place, they simply don't work out all of the muscles that a kettlebell with hand grips does.

Some people prefer neoprene kettlebells, but let's be logical about it: Considering the fact that these flat base cast iron kettlebells have an anti-corrosion coating, and what they are made of...

Will it really make any difference? Considering the difference in price, is it worth it?

 At the end of the day, kettlebell weight lifting is about the results - and the basic cast iron version will give you the exact same workout as their fancier counterparts.

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