7 Amazing Health Benefits of Stationary Bike/ Exercise bike Workout

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Stationary Bike/ Exercise bike Workout

Stationary bike/ exercise bike riding has several health benefits. It positively impacts the general health and body of the users. But you need to use it regularly to feel the change. A stationary bike is a perfect piece of equipment that’s simple to use and boost up your health easily.  

A strenuous bike workout releases multiple hormones. These hormones boost up the confidence level, reduces anxiety and stress. You can feel its anti-depressive effects. It is highly effective in reducing bad cholesterol and the risks of various other ailments.

Below we will discuss some of the major benefits of a Stationary bike/ exercise bike workout.

  1. Enhances cardiovascular capacity

Cycling greatly impacts and improves your cardiac activity. It tones and strengthens your muscles,  lungs and heart. This results in :

  • Enhanced brain functioning and better memory
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Improved sleep
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Stronger immunity
  • Low stress and anxiety levels
  • Better mood
  • Improved energy levels
  1. Maintains body weight

If you work out on a stationary bike, you can burn around 600 calories per hour. The level of calories burnt may differ depending on your exercise intensity. More calorie burn helps in reducing your body weight. So, indoor cycling is an excellent form of exercise to maintain healthy body weight.

It is ideal to begin at a low speed. Gradually increase it to a higher speed level. The duration should be three to five minutes. Continue the cycle at alternating high and low speeds for twenty to thirty minutes. Then cool down with a slow cycle for five to ten minutes.

  1. Body fat burning

High-intensity indoor cycling burns calories fast. It increases the metabolic rate. This helps in the rapid loss of body fat while also toning your muscles well. Research has revealed that if this exercise is accompanied by a proper balanced diet, it will maintain a healthy body weight. It also lowers triglyceride levels and cholesterol.

  1. Low impact

A stationary bike workout is a low-impact type. It strengthens the joints and bones without pressurizing them much. It is greatly helpful for people with injuries and joint pain.

Outdoor exercise like running, jumping, jogging stresses the joints of ankles, hips, knees, etc. As you do not need to lift your ankles from the pedals of a stationary bike, the impact is comparatively smoother but equally effective.

  1. Strengthens muscles

Pedalling greatly improves the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. Your lower body becomes stronger. A cycle with handles helps in toning your shoulders, biceps and triceps. So, you can search for exercise bike for sale and purchase one for strengthening your muscles.

  1. Reduced ageing process

A regular cycling workout slows down the natural ageing process. As the skin maintains the body temperature during the workout sessions, your natural ageing process is reduced, keeping your young and fresh for long.

  1. Protects against degenerative diseases

Indoor cycling guards against the onset of several degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease. It keeps the brain active with proper stimulation.

Now you know about the benefits of indoor cycling, you can understand the reason behind the hype of exercise bike for sale. So, without waiting, just go for it.


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