7 Awesome Benefits of Daily Pull Ups

Lifting 100% of your bodyweight is tough. And that's what pull ups require you to do. From pro athletes to military personnel, pull ups are practiced by everyone. That's because they have several benefits on offer.
7 Awesome Benefits of Daily Pull Ups

If you're looking to get in shape, you must include pull ups in your workout routine. This involves pulling your bodyweight up by hanging on a bar.

So secure a pull up door bar and start performing this workout. In this article, learn about some of the top benefits of doing pull up workout

  1. An Excellent Compound Workout

To see the maximum benefits out of your workouts, fitness experts would have you perform compound exercises. These are the workouts that target multiple muscle groups. Deadlifts, bench press, and shoulder press always make it to the list. But not pull ups.

Pull ups is one of the best compound exercises that targets multiple joints and muscles. Lifting your entire body using your hands and shoulder requires much effort than engaging a single muscle group.

The compound workouts have the following benefits:

  • Burn more calories
  • Improve intramuscular coordination
  • Make your body more flexible
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Elevated heart rate

So by performing pull ups, you can expect the above benefits.

  1. Build and Strengthen Back Muscles

If you've always been fascinated with the well-toned back muscles of athletes and wrestlers, then you should take up pull ups with wall-mounted pull up bars. They're a great workout for building back muscles.

More particularly, they target the following back muscles group:

  • Latissimus dorsi - It is the largest upper back muscle that provides the shape to your back. The muscle runs from middle of your back to under the shoulder blade.
  • Trapezius - This muscle group runs from the back of your neck to the shoulders.
  • Thoracic erector spinae - These muscles are part of thoracic spine.
  • Infraspinatus - These muscles are located on the shoulder blade and help in extending your shoulder.

By working your back, you'll increase your width and be able to get that glamorous V-shape physique.

Other than the back muscles, pull ups work really hard on the arms and shoulders. By doing pull ups regularly, you can grow your forearms and shoulder, making them look wider.

  1. Target Muscles from Different Angles

Pull ups are a versatile exercise. You can target different muscles by changing your grip, positioning of your legs, or width between the hands. This will have different effects on your body and muscle growth.

For example, if you pull up with your hands close to each other, then it will target your outer lats and biceps more than other muscles. Similarly, if you pullup with your hands wide apart, you'll add depth to your middle portion, since it targets the inner lats.

Extending or closing your legs will have different impact as well. The variations you can add to your workout routine are endless. And these variations target your muscles from different angles. So, it’s one workout with many results.

  1. Pull ups are Easy on the Joints

If you're suffering from joint pain, then you can rely on pull ups to not further escalate your pain. Unlike many exercises that creates some tension on the joints and tendons, pull ups work on the muscles solely.

You perform the movements in the air with no contact on the ground. So your joints never have to work to provide the stability.

The only joints that are involved in the pull ups are in the elbow and shoulder area. But the tension isn't significant enough to bother them.

So if you're having joint issues, especially in your lower part of the body, pull ups are a great option. 

  1. Improve Your Grip

Many gym freaks neglect their grip through isolation movements, thinking it isn't worth the time. So they always have a weak grip with an even weaker forearm. But with pull ups, you can improve your grip significantly.

Strengthening the grip is one of the reasons why pull ups are one of the core drills adopted by the military.

You can later adopt your strong grip in everyday life. Whether it's to move the luggage’s or holding onto something, you'll get better at it. Even within the gym, you'll find lifting the heavier weights easy.

  1. Easy to Perform and Improve Upon

Pull ups are literally easy. At the beginning, you may find it tough. Pulling your entire weight up is challenging if you're overweight. But pull ups are those workouts where you can easily improve upon.

It's not uncommon where individuals who could barely do 1-2 pull ups in one set doing 10-15 after a few weeks. That's because the muscles respond faster.

Since the variation and freedom with pull ups is truly endless, you'll have more options for making improvements.

  1. No Expensive Gym Equipment Needed

Another benefit of pull ups is they don't demand a heavy investment. All you'd need is a wall where you can affix the wall-mounted pull up bars. These bars are inexpensive and you'll get them within a budget of 70 Euros. Once set up properly, there’s no additional expense involved.

It's recommended that you buy ankle weights. As you get acquainted with the pull ups, you can perform with the ankle weights on to increase the intensity. For pull ups, you don't need a large space either. So there's low barrier to entry. 


As you can see, there are many benefits to doing this easy-to-perform workout. When buying the bars, it's important to purchase from a local supplier to avail best rates.

So if you're in Ireland, you can search for pull up bars Ireland stores or wall mounted pull up bar Ireland stores on Google to find retailers near you. By working with the right retailer, you'll be able to buy the best pull up door bar.



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