The Future of Fitness Industry

The Future of Fitness

The global fitness industry is a massive one worth approximately $96.7 billion. It boasts over 184 million users worldwide and this is enough proof of how much people love to stay fit. 

Since the pandemic put everything behind the lock, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of physical fitness. This has led to massive changes in the dynamics and working of the fitness industry.

In this article, we shall shed light on the future of the fitness industry. Let us begin by analyzing the changes in the fitness trend brought about by Covid-19 and the trends in the fitness industry in general.

 The Future of Fitness

Changing fitness trends post Covid-19

The outbreak of the virus sent everyone’s lives into frenzy and changed it in several ways. Social distancing, lockdowns, and other restrictions made people realize how important it is to stay active, fit and pay attention to their health. Some of the most prominent fitness-related changes are the following:

  • Awareness

Though physical fitness is a crucial requirement for leading a healthy life, it never received due importance from people. Fitness was only perceived as a way to achieve athletic body and a means of losing weight.

However, the outbreak of Coronavirus worked as a catalyst in establishing the importance of physical fitness. People became more aware of the benefits of exercising and its role in reducing fatal diseases. This led the general public to recognize fitness as a way of leading a healthy life.


  • Home-Gyms became the new normal

 As restrictions were laid down on visiting public places like gyms and fitness clubs people turned their homes into workout spaces. Gym equipment for home became a hot selling cake as people became more and more attentive towards their fitness.

 As per reports, the sale of fitness equipment rose by 55% between March and June in the USA.  Thus, it is evident that there has been a shift in the mindset of the people which has made home-gym the new normal thing.

Home Gym


  • Digital Fitness

Digital fitness is also among one of the top-rated trends that began as a result of Covid-19. While gyms and sports clubs remained closed, people were looking out for alternative ways to keep up the fitness routine. Thus, they turned to the digital platform to continue their fitness activities. Fitness houses saw a steep rise in on-demand fitness, virtual training, live classes, and so on.

Digital Fitness


How will the fitness industry look like in the future?

Future of exercising

  • Element of social fitness


The importance of social fitness has never been emphasized so much. Joining a fitness club or enrolling in group training sessions gives people a sense of belonging.  In times of isolation and loneliness that set in due to the pandemic, people now value connections.

Gyms and fitness houses will be able to leverage this selling point by creating online and offline communities. Through these communities, members will be able to connect and socialize while also working on their fitness.


  • Fitness for older adults

 The concept of fitness is equally important for youth and older adults. As people are now getting acquainted with the benefits of staying physically and mentally fit, even older adults are turning towards fitness routines.

 Fitness for older adults has been among the top 10 trends for many years and continues to do so. As people are more health-conscious now, fitness is becoming an important part of their lives and this will be the future of the fitness industry in the years to come.


  • HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most flexible forms of work out and this makes it a trend that the fitness industry can look forward to. In 2020, this form of workout was trending at no 2 as per ACSM’s Health and Fitness Journal Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends.

With the help of HIIT, individuals can achieve several health goals like weight loss, muscle building, and much more. Since this type of workout involves active bursts with short intervals, the young population finds it an ideal one to fit into their busy schedules, and hence, it will surely be a part of the fitness industry’s future.


  • Merging fitness and wellness

A healthy body and healthy mind are both important for the well-being of a person. This has led to equal emphasis being placed on physical fitness and mental health. The wellness market which stands at $4.5 trillion includes fitness clubs, spas, and personal training too.

As a part of changing trend, we will see many fitness businesses combine fitness services with a luxury spa and other related services to provide an excellent experience to the customer.


Future of Nutrition

When we talk about fitness, nutrition forms an inseparable part of it. Though nutrition was only a niche sector limited to the fitness of athletes and sportsperson, today it is equally popular among fitness freaks.

As more and more information is reaching people, they are becoming aware of how to fuel their bodies the right way. This being said, we can expect that the future will see more and more value being added to proteins as they are considered an important part of nutrition.

Soon, whey hydrolysates will gain immense popularity as they are known to help your muscles quickly recover post-workout session. A time can be predicted where hydrolysates will become available in the form of drinks, shakes, and more.


Wearable technology

Though wearable technology is just a couple of years old it has made a massive impact on the lives of consumers. It has been a standout trend for 2021 with its market share increasing by more than double since 2014. Wearable devices make the health metrics easily available thus, enabling the user to track the fitness progress both indoors and outdoors.

‘Smart clothing’ is another upcoming trend that is the next big thing in the fitness industry. Several companies are paving their way towards biometric garments that will successfully measure the body vitals and help you to stay fit.

Wearable technology for Fitness


Wrap Up

As the value of fitness continues to spread far and wide, the industry continues to evolve. People now care more than ever about their mind and body and are ready to go the extra mile to stay fit using fitness equipment Dublin and other means.

People are now investing more time and money to maintain fitness. This opens an excellent opportunity for the fitness industry to adapt to the changing trends and provide the best services to the customers.


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