What is a TRX workout?

What is a TRX workout?

The TRX workout was created by a U.S. Navy Seal – because there were times when they were unable to engage in their normal exercise regime, yet they need to stay in shape. He needed something that could be used anywhere, yet it had to be compact enough to fit into his travel kit.

The result of his innovation was the TRX training system, which employs only gravity and your own bodyweight to perform (literally) hundreds of different exercises.

TRX, of course, stands for “total-body resistance exercise”.

The workout requires a TRX suspension trainer – which is compact enough to take with you on vacation, but will allow you to create an exercise routine that is as tough or as easy as you want it to be. The wide range of potential movements allows the user to develop his or her strength and core stability, while improving balance and flexibility at the same time.

The endless flexibility of the TRX workout system means that it can be used by professional athletes and elderly people alike. In order to make any exercise easier or tougher, the user can simply adjust his or her physical position, which will then change the resistance.

As a result, the training system is just as effective for performance sports enthusiast as it is for someone recuperating after surgery or illness, or simply trying to reduce the effects of old age. The user is in complete control, allowing for more or less strenuous exercises for specific muscle groups, or in general as required.


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