Golf Wrist Posture Trainer

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Golf Swing Training Aid Swing Correcting Trainer Tool for Golfers Beginners Arm Elbow Posture Teaching Accessory for Golf Club Practice

Easy to Install: Clip the hinge to the correct position at the top of the grip handle (NOTE: Make the short bevel of the hinge parallel to the bottom of the iron head, or make the end of the hinge perpendicular to the head bottom). Then fix the hinge with the screw.

Way of Usage: Hold the handle with your dominant hand on the top and non-dominant hand at bottom. Put the bottom of the wrist hinge against your non-dominant arm.

Ideal Swing Training Aid: By adjusting the angle between the shaft and your forearms, this wrist hinge helps strengthen your muscle memory for back swing. Restrain “chicken wings” and reduce problems of “Slice and Hook”.

Quick Start for Beginners: Correcting the way of back swing will promote swing tempo, and improve face alignment. Work up your power slowly and increase your swing distance to send the ball further.

For All Levels of Golfers: This swing correcting tool works great for all golf lovers, including males, females, left-handed or right-handed people, young or elderly players, etc. Perfect tool for the driving range.

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