Safety Squat Bar

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Olympic Safety Squat Bar 

  • OLYMPIC BAR: This Olympic squat bar with barbell squat pad is constructed from 30mm solid high-tensile steel which means it can handle any weight up to 1000 lbs. It’s a must-have accessory equipment for every commercial or home gym.
  • DIMENSIONS: Weight - 21kg/9.5lb Length: 2200mm/86.6in Diameter of Bends: 50mm/2in Diameter of Middle Area: 30mm/1.2in
  • EASY TO USE AND STABLE: Hand grips allow you to control the bar during lifting and keeps you in control. The comfortable pad is made of PVC and decorative chromium, equipped with premium steel construction, it is durable and designed for long-lasting use.This high-quality material ensures that your trap bar will last you a lifetime.
  • TRAINING POWER: Our high quality Safety Squat Olympic Bar, it is designed to train your upper back, lower back, and leg. Its scientific design can protect you from hurting your neck, shoulder, and back during workout Squat is efficient at growing muscles. Is a very effective way to burn more fat. 
  • PRACTICE SQUATS: The design of the bar with the safety handles at the front means the bar is also a superb alternative for those with a history of wrist and shoulder injuries as a significant amount of pressure is alleviated from these joint angles. The design forces users to properly engage core musculature to maintain correct torso alignment.
  • VERSATILE: Our safety squat bar is an extremely versatile fitness equipment that, in addition to back squats, can also be used for Front Squats, Walking Lunges, Zercher Squats, Good Mornings & Box Squats
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