10 Amazing Exercises you can do with Weight Plates

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You don’t need a room full of sophisticated equipment to stay fit. Would you believe it if we said that you can indulge in a variety of exercises just by using weight plates? If you thought that weight plates can only be used with barbells, then think again.

 Weight Plates

Weight plates are the most underestimated exercise equipment but have so much versatility. Most of us think of only lifting at the mention of weight plates. However, there is a lot more than you can do with this simple equipment.

In this article, let us tell you about the 10 amazing exercises that you can do just by using weight plates to complete your strength and training workout.

10 Exercises you can do with weight plates


Best for: Chest, abs, obliques, shoulders

You can start by getting yourself in the plank position keeping the fist at your eye level. Hold the toes firm on the ground with a plate under the chest. Take the plate with your right hand and slide it to the right side. Similarly, grab the plate with the left hand and move it to the left side. Continue this for a minute.


Best for: upper back, shoulders, triceps, chest, abs

To begin with you need 2 weight plate set Ireland. Get yourself in the full pushup position. Place your hands on the plates with your arms wider than the shoulder distance. Now do a pushup while maintaining the elbows close to the side. Steadily drop to the starting position. Repeat.

Adding up to the difficulty level of this exercise, you can begin by placing the plates under the hands, making sure that both the plates are in contact (near each other), and then slide them apart as you go. You can try to touch the nose on the ground.


Best for: Back, abs, shoulders

Standing with feet hip-width apart, grab a weight plate with its inside grip. Extend your arms forward and slowly raise them upwards keeping the elbows straight. Hold the arms straight while you raise them. Raise the plates over your head until the biceps touches your ears. Bring your hands down and begin again. You can continue this for 1 minute.



Best for: Deltoids, shoulders

This exercise particularly targets the side head of the shoulder muscles, known as deltoids. Start by grabbing weight plates in each of your hands. Stand with a tight core and place your feet hip-width apart. Hold the plates to your sides with the elbows slightly bent. Raise your hands on the sides till you form a letter “t” or look like a “cross”. Once you reach this position, hold it and then slowly come back to the starting position. You can start with 3 sets of 18-12 reps.


  • HALO

Best for: back, abs, shoulder, triceps, biceps

Halo is a wonderful stability exercise for the core and it also supports the shoulders. Stand with your legs hip-width apart, tuck your hips by squeezing the glutes without an arch in the lower back. Extend your arms over the head while holding the plates with the outside grip. Bend the elbows and move the plates in a circular motion over the head. Switch directions. Repeat.


Best for: deltoids, triceps, pecs

Place 2 plates between your palms and bring them across the chest. Stretch your hands as much as possible while maintaining the height at chest level. While you do so the pecs and front delts are working hard to hold the plates in place. Hold on to this position for 20 seconds. Repeat.




Best for: thighs, butts, chest, triceps, abs

Hold the plates from their sides and stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Now go down into a squat. While you get up, use momentum to lift the plates above your head. Bring down the weight with control and get back to the starting position.


Best for: thighs, chest, tricep, abs, butt

Keeping your feet hip-width apart, stand and hold the plates with the inside grip near the chest. Bend the elbows slightly and go in a squat position. Stand and press the weight plate forward while extending your arms parallel to the ground. Bring it back to the chest. Repeat the squatting for 1 minute.


Best for: abs, butt, tricep, lower back, thighs

Start the exercise by standing upright. Hold the tri grip weight plate in one hand and keep the hand at the side. Bend to the side having the weight plate and hold the position till you feel tension building on the obliques. Keep the position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and switch the side of the plate.





Best for: shoulders, tricep, chest, upper back

Hold the weight plate with both your hands at the chest level and stand shoulder-width apart. Force the weight upwards with the help of your chest and shoulders while keeping your back straight and a slight bend at the knees. Once you have fully extended the arms hold the plates firmly. Slowly bring down the plates to the chest level. Repeat.


With these exercises, you can unleash the hidden potential of weight plates and indulge strength at home too. Buy Now Bumper Plates and transform your workout routine for the better.


Every exercise mentioned above helps to train multiple parts of your body in one go. And this can be a great way to provide a full-body workout with single equipment. Ditch all the expensive home gym equipment and get your hands on the versatile weight plates to transform your body.


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