All About Resistance Bands

All About Resistance Bands

Are you looking for some new workouts that don’t involve weight lifting or long-duration cardio?

Well, resistance bands or power bands are perfect alternatives to weights and even they can be a great addition to your existing weight training program. They are versatile, inexpensive, and work in a totally different way than weights on your muscles.

Some people avoid using resistance band exercises as they are unfamiliar with their importance or usage. So, here we’ll take you through everything that you need to know about resistance band. So, let’s get started.


Importance of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are excellent for those who prefer to workout at home or who like to take their workouts with them while traveling, but its importance is not limited to this much only.

These simple power bands are packed with immense benefits that include convenience, versatility, effectiveness, and safety too.


  • Adaptability with different fitness level

Resistance bands come in different resistance level like heavy, light, medium etc., making them great for beginner as well as advanced users. You can incorporate them in your traditional moves to add intensity to your workout or you can also use them for basic moves. Thus, they add versatility to your monotonous exercise routine.


  • Helps in rehabilitation

The simplest form of resistance bands, also known as tubes or flat bands is used for physical therapy. In fact, resistance bands were first invented for medical purpose only. So people with injured muscle or joints are often suggested resistance band exercises to regain the strength of that muscle and improve flexibility of joints. Also, resistance bands help older adults above the age of 60 to maintain increase bone strength without being harsh to their body.


  • Safe even for working out alone

By using resistance bands, you can practice strength training safely without the risk of getting injured due to heavy weights. It makes them ideal for working out without a personal trainer or partner. 


  • Cost-effective

Whether you buy resistance band set or an individual piece, they make an inexpensive addition to your workout equipment. They come at a budget-friendly price range of $6 to $30 depending upon the type and resistance it offers. You can get high-quality resistance bands Ireland at an affordable price.


  • Easy to carry

Resistance bands are small and portable, making them a great fit for travel. While you cannot carry your heavy and bulky fitness equipment, you can easily pack your resistance band in very little space. Also, there are many resistance band exercises that require very small space of a room.


  • Good for full body workout

Working out almost all the major muscle group is possible through resistance bands. For example, looping your band around a pole or stepping on its one end, opens up the possibilities of many exercises for a full body workout.


  • Effective workout

Resistance bands works as an effective workout tool that helps in mobility & stretching, increasing strength, stability, coordination and improving overall balance. They are also easy to combine with hundreds of other different exercises to increase the intensity and effectiveness of your training and get fast results.


Understanding the Resistance Band Colors

Resistance bands come in different colors and it’s not just for look, every color denotes the resistance force that band has.

  • Yellow Band – Lightest Resistance

Yellow bands are for beginners as they are very stretchy and offer very light resistance. A resistance of only 2.5 to 3.5 kg is offered by these bands so they can be easily used by elderly or those who may have suffered any injury.

  • Red Band – Light Resistance

Red resistance bands offer more resistance than yellow so they are good for exercises that need a little more tension. You can use them for muscle work like bicep or triceps muscle.

  • Green Band – Medium Resistance

Medium resistance is offered by green bands, making them ideal choice for almost every type of workout and strength-training exercises. They offer a resistance of around 3.5 to 5.5 kg.

  • Blue Band – Heavy Resistance

Heavy resistance bands works well for active people who are regular with their workouts. They are much stiff and hard to pull so it is good for someone strong. Also, you can use them for working out with someone else. 

  • Black Bands – Extra-heavy Resistance

These bands offer more than 13 kg of resistance which is good for experienced users with very strong muscle. Black bands are generally used for large muscle groups like back, chest and legs.


Final Word

Hope it’s clear that resistance bands can be used by anyone to reach their fitness goal. Whether you are trying to gain muscle, lose weight or just looking for a full-body workout, you have the resistance band for every need.

Feeling motivated to kick-start your fitness journey with resistance bands?

Buy resistance bands Ireland and take your fitness journey to the next level. But remember to always choose high-quality resistance band for effective result.

Find your power band and get exercising!


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