The Right Way To Setup Home Gym

Must Have Home Gym Equipment

The Right Way To Setup Home Gym with 4 Highly Rated Pieces of Fitness Equipment

Let’s face the reality; offline gyms have taken a big hit since the onset of the novel coronavirus. Safety is the priority and people prefer working out from their homes.

Given the home workout trend, it is worthwhile to invest in some home gym equipment that can assist you to workout out efficiently. If you are amongst those who are committed to home training, then this guide will help you to set up a home gym of your own.

If you have an empty garage, an extra room, or a portico then it can serve as a wonderful workout area. Interested in setting up a gym at home? The following steps will guide you to set up a home gym that will help you to stay fit.

 Step 1: Stock up the Right Equipment

To work out at home, you don’t need to stock up on expensive machines and home gym equipment. Depending on the type of exercises you do you can invest in equipment that is easy to store and efficient to use.

For instance, if you are a cardio person you can purchase a treadmill or an elliptical trainer, etc. Having the following 4 pieces of equipment for your home gym will enable you to perform a variety of exercises and target different body muscles.

 At Home Fitness Equipment Must-Haves:


  1. 100 Kg Olympic Barbell Set

    A 100 kg barbell set is versatile equipment that benefits beginners and pros alike. With different weight plates ranging from 5kg to 20kg you can add resistance to any regular workout and achieve a healthy physique.
    You can use the plates with the 7Ft barbell to perform different exercises like barbell squat, deadlift, lunges, overhead press, and much more. The barbell is accompanied by clips that lock the plates and prevents them from slipping while you work out. This equipment will be a great addition to your home gym as it is easy to use and store.


    1. Dumbbell Set with Storage

      If you thought dumbbells are home gym equipment then think again. This set of hex dumbbells with storage is a great exercise buddy for training at home too. The dumbbells come in pairs weighing from 1 to 10 kg.

      You can use the dumbbells to perform various exercises like squats, strength workouts, presses, deadlifts, etc. The most beneficial feature of this hex dumbbell set is that you can target multiple muscle groups and add resistance to your exercises using different weights. The storage tower that accompanies this set helps you to save space while storing the dumbbells thus making this equipment an ideal choice for home gyms.


      1. Exercise Bike

        This assault bike is the right home gym machine that will help you to quickly burn calories. Adding this machine to your home gym will provide you with the benefit of working out multiple parts of the body simultaneously.

        You can work your chest, glutes, hamstring, lower back, legs, calves, etc. all in one go. The exercise bike is made to provide ultra-comfort and has a heavy-duty body made with steel. It has all the latest features like an LCD screen, adjustable seat, is space-efficient, and can handle a maximum weight of 160 kg.


        1. Tri-Grip Olympic Plate Set

          This tri-grip Olympic set will be the best addition to your home gym if you are looking to indulge in resistance training, or improving your flexibility and balance.

          You can use the tri-grip plates separately or with the 6Ft barbell to perform a wide variety of exercises to build a toned body. The plates are crafted out of cast iron and coated with rubber to safeguard you and the floor while working out.

          The weight plates come in pairs of different weights like 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg. Thus, whether you are a beginner or pro you can use different weights as per your abilities.

          Step 2: Plan out an Efficient Storage

          Creating enough storage for the gym equipment you want to include in the home gym is the most crucial step. Once you know what equipment you are going to add you can invest in storage racks, containers, and organizers to store them.

          For instance, if you are going to use dumbbells, you can consider purchasing vertical dumbbells storage that will keep all the dumbbells in one place. You can also bring in multi-tier racks to store your dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise balls, and other workout equipment together.


          Step 3: Stick to the Workout Plan

          This is the hardest part after setting up a home gym. While you may invest a lot of energy, time, and money in setting up the home gym the main challenge is sticking to the workout plan. It can be very difficult to stay motivated to exercise at home as it is your comfort zone.

          An effective way to motivate yourself is to join an online workout session which you can view at your convenience. Working out with a virtual group will help you to get rid of the boredom of working out alone and also provide much-needed motivation.

          If you are a social person, you have your friends join you for a workout session too. Having a healthy competition will add a bit of a fun element in case you find working out boring.





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